Google Apps Linked With Group Services

Google Groups associate product manager, Jeffrey Chang, in a blog post on Monday announced that Google applications suite is now linked with its Groups service, making it possible to share documents, sites, and calendars among defined groups of users.

Application users wanting to share items had to earlier share it on a person-to-person basis. But with the new enhancements, users of Google applications, including Docs, Sites, Video for Business, and Calendar, groups can be given access through an invitation from the group, rather than from an individual.

An application shared with a Google Group will be accessible immediately to anyone joining that group, and inaccessible to those leaving the group. Google product manager, further stated 'that being able to communicate and collaborate with many groups of people is crucial to productivity, and often users want to use Google Apps to share content with particular groups'. Also time related Apps will automatically detect group membership changes, according to the report.
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