Chrome To Feature Bookmark Sync

Google engineer, Tim Steele, in a post to the Chromium mailing list on Friday, stated that synchronization code would start appearing in the new developer build of its Chrome browser in about a week that will support cloud-based bookmark syncing. He further stated that, they have built a library that implements the client side of the sync protocol, as well as the Google server-side infrastructure, to serve Google Chrome users and synchronize data to their Google Account.

Google's engineers, it's expected in about three weeks, will have to remove the code tied to Google's proprietary infrastructure and replaced it with public code libraries so that the sync engine can be released as open source.

Chrome's sync code 'developer documentation' states that it will allow the synchronization and storage of Chrome users' bookmarks 'in a way that may be extended to additional data types'. However, analysts have viewed the current move as Google treading on the toes of Mozilla's Weave project and bookmark discovery service Xmarks.