Search Widget For Businesses By Twitter

Twitter has launched a search widget for businesses with the view to enable them market their products and possibly pay for services by Twitter. The launch was accompanied by a report from the Wall Street Journal's 'All Things D' blog that Twitter will launch a new home page next week that will be less confusing to use.

Biz Stone, Twitter co-founder, commented about the add-on thus: 'we're focused on enhancing value across Twitter in general - these documents are just a first step'. Financial documents about the company's projections and other matters were leaked last week by the blog TechCrunch, purportedly uncovered through a hack. According to the document, Twitter has so far raised $55 million, expects $4 million in revenue next quarter and $140 million by the end of next year.

Some unique features of the new services includes using Twitter account to control lights and home appliances through a gateway from ioBridge as reported by ReadWriteWeb.