Future Web Platform - Chrome OS

Computer OS market is bound to experience a revolution in the purported plan of Google to release its own operating system - Chrome OS. Hitherto, the OS market have been ruled by Microsoft, with over 80% of the web running on Windows Platform.

Chrome OS, it is reported will be given out free by the 'Search Giant'. This grand plan is bound to shake up the operating system market even more credibly by the absence of any actual programming code or substantive information about Chrome OS.

Chrome OS applications will be written using open Web standards like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. And many sees it as a liability, given that Web applications are not capable to function as applications for specific devices/systems. However, Google is poised to effect a change on which its bet depends, enabling Web browsers to gain access to peripherals, through an infrastructure layer above the level of device drivers.

Google partners in this vision includes: Acer, Adobe, ASUS, Freescale, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Intel and Toshiba according to Theregister. Indeed, Chrome OS will be well positioned to help Google organize even more of the world's information that the company already handles.
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