New Malwares Target Mac OS X

According to an Official Sophos blog post on Wednesday, a new version of the Mac OS X Tored Worm had been discovered. Also among the findings is a Trojan hidden inside a porn site which targets Mac users. The malicious porn site instructs visitors to download an ActiveX component to enable them view videos on the site.

But instead, a Trojan, dubbed OSX/Jahlavc, gets downloaded and installed on the system. Mac users get redirected to the pagemac.php page, which downloads a QuickTime.dmg file, according to the blog post.

Sophos security researcher, Graham Cluley, cautioned in the post that 'the Mac malware threat is real, as we've demonstrated before, we'll no doubt explain again.' Adult sites have been the bait of virus developers, and the trend is one that will continue for a long time to come, seeing the high rate at which users patronize porn contents online.

However, internet users generally have now been afforded a more secure defense against this hydra headed monster more than ever before in the form of  Java disabling tools and firewalls.
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