Microsoft's Bing Finally Made A Public Debut

The new search engine that replaces Live Search, debuted Thursday at the 'D: All Things Digital conference' has start early public debut - Monday, though Microsoft said that it wouldn't be fully launched until Wednesday. Bing search has started to become publicly available, in the company's latest effort to tackle Google's advances.

Although Microsoft's research shows that most people repeat searches and give up without finding exactly what they want, perceived satisfaction of search has actually recorded high.

Most of Microsoft searches come via MSN, from toolbars and other methods, while just 1 or 2 percent come from people actually typing into their browser's address bar. Bing is seen by analysts as an attempt by Microsoft to establish its search offering as a destination Web site with high active traffic, 'In the view though, Microsoft's search technologies are ready for prime time, making a call on the success of Bing now will be premature.'