Web Search Through Links Embedded In Tweets

Twitter reportedly plans to add enhanced search capabilities soon, the microblogging service keeps rolling out new features that may eventually add up to a business model - the latest examples being the ability to search Web pages through links embedded in tweets, and to rank results based on reputation.

The new features were unveiled by Twitter's new vice president of operations, Santosh Jayaram, during a Wednesday panel discussion at TIEcon, a conference for enterpreneurs in Santa Clara, Calif. According to the report, Jayaram sated, 'Twitter will soon add the ability to search data within the links that users send to each other,'a recently added feature, trending topics - the most popular subjects that are the focus of user tweets - will also be ranked according to the reputations of senders'.

Although no date has been set for the new features; Jayaram stated that Developers are still on the job. Overall goal of the company being, setting up Twitter as an even more attractive acquisition target; and providing a path to monetization.
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