Social Networks Marks Low As Sources of Informations On IT - InformationWeek

According to a recent Survey by InformationWeek Analytics Team, Social networks reported low marks as source of IT informations. Though no formal report goes with this data, the ratings are a bit of interest. Sources of informations fielded in the survey questions includes vendor Web sites, IT trade magazines, business magazines and newspapers, E-mail newsletters, broad business tech sites (such as Information, focused tech sites (such as, analyst sites, virtual trade shows and Webinars, social networks (such as LinkedIn and Facebook), tech bloggers, and Twitter.

The survey teams Opinions were gauged on a five-point scale: relevance, reliability, timeliness, and bias for each as they relate to the work. Top responses varied a bit from question to question, but typically top sources of information include broad IT Web sites, IT trade magazines, business news sites, and analyst sites. The bottom three responses were much more consistent: tech bloggers, social networks, and Twitter, with Twitter ranking by far the lowest in a number of categories.

The bottom three rankings for bloggers, social networking, and Twitter is of interest to we Bloggers - so in a honest comment, we 'll like you to share your views on the Survey results:

IT Web sites like and business sites like got a 3.8 on the scale for reliability, Twitter rated a 1.7.