Shutdowns begin for the Windows 7 Beta

According to a Microsoft official blog post, Brandon LeBlanc confirmed that, starting on July 1st, users who are still running Windows 7 Beta will see their computers shutdown and reboot every two hours. The official said that the e-mail sent to users over the Memorial Day weekend indicating that the shutdown would begin on June 1st was an error.

'If you're still on the Windows 7 Beta you should certainly look at giving the Windows 7 Release Candidate a try!' LeBlanc added. In other words, the interruptions are designed to encourage early adopters to move to Windows 7 Release Candidate, a more polished version of Microsoft's next operating system.

After June 1st, 2010, Windows 7 Release Candidate users will need to upgrade to a full paid-version of the operating system if they wish to continue usage.