Microsoft SharePoint Challenged By 'WAVE'

Google's developers conference in San Francisco, Thursday - demonstrated a preview of its new 'Wave' collaboration platform. Developed on HTML 5, Google Wave product, is a platform cum protocol that combines aspects of e-mail, instant messaging, wikis, and blogs to allow real-time and stored collaborative messaging. However, its release is expected later in the year.

Google engineer and co-founder of the Wave project, Lars Rasmussen, stated that Wave's extensibility through APIs will help make other communication services with similar functions, like Twitter, more useful. Wave coding, being mainly in Open Source is intended that developers will extend the system and run their own Wave servers as part of an integrated network.

Microsoft's SharePoint has encountered a potential alternative in 'Wave', though Google insisted it isn't positioning Wave as a competitor to SharePoint - its openness demonstrated, is virtually non available in SharePoint.
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