'Google Search' New Enhancements - Filters And Visualized Results

Google has added three new enhancements to its search services according to a report at a media event held on Google's Mountain View Campus, Calif, on tuesday. The new features gives users new ways to filter results and adding new types of data to search results.

The company's product managers, led by Marissa Mayer, vice president of search products and experience, unveiled on stage at Searchology 2009 the new features which includes - Google Search Options, Google Squared, and Rich Snippets.

Search Options gives users ways to filter their results based on factors like timeliness, result type such as image or videos, or search results in visual form. The newest addition to Google Labs, Google Squared, allows searchers to create a spreadsheet based on Web results. Such data accessed through the Google Squared search can also be filtered bu users.

Last on the list, Rich Snippets, which is a partnership between Google and certain publishers, including CNET, allows users to display information from Web pages within the box that encompasses a search result.