Twitter Ready To Launch 'Search Biz'

According to the Twitter's official blog post on wednesday, the company is getting ready to launch a search engine that would make it possible for users to search for keywords and phrases being used by the people they follow on the popular messaging site.

Biz Stone, Twitter co-founder, stated in the post 'Twitter Search, which would be incorporated into each user's home page, is being tested by a select number of people who have had the feature for the last few weeks.' 'We'll gather a bit more feedback from our test group and then get these features out to everyone as soon as possible,' Stone said.

Clicking on the item lists the results where the short messages, or "tweets"(Tweets are the mini-messages people send over Twitter. The messages have a 140-character limit) of the people a person is following are normally displayed. The same screen is used to display search results. Other features include the ability to save a search keyword or phrase and have it as a link on the home page sidebar.

The sidebar has a trend section that lists words or phrases "being referenced with more frequency suggesting that something interesting might be happening, 'Trends is in beta -- but it has potential.' stated Sone.

The uniqueness would be in that the results would have more immediacy than what's available on more traditional search engines, such as Google. Contents displayed on Google are first posted by a blogger or Web site and then discovered by Google's search engine. Twitter, the information would be available as soon as someone starts sending messages, which means a person can find out what's being said about a particular topic while it's being said.
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