New Tools Addition To Yahoo Search BOSS

Few days after Google rolled out additional features for its Google App Engine in a high-profile announcement, Yahoo followed up with more tools for Yahoo Search BOSS. The new Yahoo Search BOSS tools announced on April 9 include integration with Delicious content, new sorting functionality by date with - or a specified time range, and the ability to filter specific language results for a given market – including support in Hungarian and traditional Chinese.

Yahoo opened access to the structured data that Yahoo SearchMonkey has pulled from Websites via Yahoo Web Crawler, debut February 2009 - enabling developers then to use this data to tinker with the appearance of Yahoo search results.
BOSS on-the-other hand stands for Build Your Own Search Service, allows developers to design their own search products via an open-search Web services platform.

Yahoo and Microsoft have been locked in a fierce battle with Google for market share, and all three companies’ announcements of upcoming search products such as the one from Yahoo, have a tendency for the other to come up with a replica soon.