Mozilla's Firefox Rises Ahead Of Internet Explorer 8

Firefox's global market share meanwhile rose from 21.77% to 22.05% between February stroke March despite the release of Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. Microsoft continues to lose browser market share. The global market share for all versions of Internet Explorer slipped from 67.44% in February to 66.82% in March, according to a report by Net Applications.

Google's Chrome browser and Apple's Safari browser also showed small gains, the former rising from 1.15% to 1.23% and the latter rising from 8.02% to 8.23% from February through March. Internet Explorer 8 has been doing fairly well, having risen from a market share of 1.26% on March 2 to 3.07% on March 31.

Net Application's March statistics continue a longstanding downward trend for Internet Explorer, one that Microsoft presumably hopes to reverse with IE8. Microsoft can expect significant gains for IE8 when Windows 7 finally ships.

Google's Chrome browser to make significant gains, Google will have to engage in more aggressive promotion if it wants to build a significant user base for its browser.
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