Internet Enabled TV Plan By Yahoo - A Step Up!

Yahoo's partnership with Intel for a Widget Channel has taken a step further up, following the release of a Widget Development Kit this week. The kit is available to third-party developers, advertisers, and content producers. In the spring, consumer electronics manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, LG Electronics, and VIZIO will release Internet-connected television sets to support Yahoo's Internet content.

Yahoo's Widget Engine is based on the Konfabulator widget platform for PCs. It has combined key attributes of the Internet, including openness, community, and personalization, with the power of television," Patrick Barry, VP of Connected TV Yahoo, said in a prepared statement. "By creating this revolutionary new Internet experience and combining our technology with the global distribution of major consumer electronics partners, we enable consumers to access the relevant information and content to enhance their television watching experience".

Yahoo's developers and those from eBay, MySpace, CBS, The New York Times, Netflix, Amazon, Blockbuster, Showtime, USA TODAY, and Twitter, among others, are involved in this new program.
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