Google Rolls Out New Stuff

Embedded YouTube videos: Google has quietly added the option to flip it into high quality mode right from the bottom corner menu. This doesn't come along with an option to view the same video in its high tech, but it's a start - via CrunchGear. Which before now, embedded YouTube Videos would have missed out on the option to view it in high quality.

Also New as part of Gmail - YouTube video links turn into videos in Google Talk. Chipping in any YouTube URL will insert the video into your conversation stream where it can be viewed by both users, although not at the same time.

Transit Site MakeOver: Google rolled out a new version of its Transit Site, Friday; making it easier to see which parts of the U.S. are Google Transit-capable. it now has a little sub-list of regions and the respective transit companies that are a part of Google's index. However, the transit layer which lets you see routes in all forms of transportation at once has be leftout. Google added this to its Maps product earlier this month, and says it will be a part of the transit site soon.