Future Internet Growth Points To Accessibility And Aggregation

Next Generation Search and Aggregation Capabilities forms the natural evolution of the Internet, the Web 2.0 phenomenon, and the sheer number of successful Internet startups and services deployed have transformed the World Wide Web into a deep and vast place filled with highly-desirable products and services. But with so much data available, it becomes increasingly difficult for users to keep up with the myriad of services, portals and accounts available.

Behrouzi and his team at DotNext have recently launched LeapFish, a new multi-dimensional search aggregator and Internet dashboard that promises to capture the variety of the web now and as the solution evolves. LeapFish offers one-stop, convenient access to the web's most sought-after destinations and content by rendering results from a growing list of major online authorities, as well as the organic search engine results traditionally utilized by users.

LeapFish takes on the fragmentation problem head first by aggregating and displaying information from destinations including Google, Yahoo, Ebay, YouTube and others through a refreshingly clean and familiar search interface. As a result users are able to maintain relationships and interaction with growing number of services and content online.

LeapFish empowers Internet users with a radically simple way of searching major web portals like Google, Ebay, YouTube and many more in a single, easy-to-use search interface. The first multi-dimensional information aggregator and search portal in the world, LeapFish gathers, organizes and renders the most relevant information from depths of the internet's most valuable destinations.