Mozilla Developer Center in a blog post on Thursday announced the availability of the new Firefox 3.6 beta 5 download for Mac OS X, and Windows - with automatic update to all Firefox 3.6 beta users in the next 24 to 48 hours. The first Firefox 3.6 beta arrived on October 30 and had been followed-up to beta 4 before now.

Built on the open source platform, Firefox runs a feature called Personas for customizing the browser's appearance, adds the File interface for better file management: placement of new tabs next to the ones that spawned them. Since the fourth beta, a total of 127 bugs had been fixed.

This latest update contains over 100 fixes from the last Firefox 3.6 beta, containing many improvements for web developers, Add-on developers, and users. Over 70% of the thousands of Firefox Add-ons have now been upgraded by their authors to be compatible with Firefox 3.6 Beta, according to the post.

However, analysts have predicted that this latest release may likely be the final beta version of the new browser, following Mozilla meeting notes that QA (quality assurance) might scrap Beta 5 and we'll release RC to the beta audience soon.

Firefox 3.6 Beta 5 Available - Mozilla

Google on Thursday launched Quick Scroll - an extension for its Chrome browser that is essentially Google's take-on on the Command-F basic search function available for OS X Apps.

Google's obsession with speed: highlighted in its newest trends on real-time search features debut earlier in the week remains insatiable. And the Quick Scroll feature on the-other-hand, provides a bit more horsepower to Google search.

Quick Scroll lets you jump directly to the relevant bits of a Google search result. It adds those types of results directly in the list of suggestions that appears below the search box on many queries. After you click on a Google search result, Quick Scroll may appear on the bottom-right corner of the page, showing one or more bits of text from the page that are relevant to your query.

In addition, Google has released Universal search features such as weather, time, and flight-tracking information in the Google Suggest drop-down list of possible results for relevant queries. Indeed, search speed junkies will have more ample time for research with these new features.

Google Quick Scroll On Chrome

A bundle of new search innovations were unveiled on Monday by Google at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, during it's 3rd annual review of Internet search technology, which it termed 'Searchology'.

Google has demonstrated the nature and scope of Internet search with the introduction of new features that bring search results to life with a dynamic stream of real-time content from across the web. Search results now comes with live updates from people on popular sites like Twitter and FriendFeed, as well as headlines from news and current blog posts which are relevant to users query, latest results are ranked to show the freshness of information right on the search results page.

Also, its new Google Goggles visual search tool for Android brings high-tech twist to accessing information. It allows users to submit pictures rather that keywords as queries. However, the service is being launched in Google Labs because it's experimental and can only recognize certain objects. And it currently supports photo-based searchings: on books, DVDs, landmarks, logos, contact info, artwork, businesses, products, barcodes, and plain text.

Google's VP of search products and user experience, Marissa Mayer, who moderated the event - described it as a look at the future of search and search innovations.

Also expected among trends for 2010 is Google's planned Mobile Search for Voice, Location and Sight. Indeed this possibilities are inspiring.

Mobile And Social Search - Google Goggles

Google's foray into new frontiers may spell trouble for iTune and other internet TV streaming website operators, as YouTube is already trying out movie rentals, and also wants to get into TV streaming services according to a report by All Things Digital on Tuesday.

The report has it that YouTube has been trying to convince the TV industry to let it stream individual shows for a fee. Meanwhile, YouTube already lets users watch a handful of TV shows for free, but only laced with adverts.

Google is well placed to be a network TV streaming powerhouse - given its dominance on internet services and strong followership. However, the biggest stumbling block may be consumers, in that Google is talking about streaming the shows instead of letting consumers download them to their computers - whereas the networks and studios, which control pricing, will want to sell the streamed shows at the same price as downloads.

YouTube, as viewed by analysts may skirt the issue by launching a TV rental business instead. How ever it proceeds, YouTube pay TV definitely fall into trends expected on the Web for 2010.

Streaming TV? YouTube On Primetime

Google's VP, search products and user experience, Marissa Mayer, in a report on Search Engine Land last week stated that new search option features were introduced and designed to eliminate inconsistency in how Google presented search results. As the new search results page now brings more search options and brighter displays than what was formerly the experience.

The new search options appear in the left-hand column: replacing the former 'All results' area that allowed you to switch between different types of searches (images, news, maps and so on) with new tabs for these services. Google by default guesses at the modes it thinks are most relevant to users search. But the 'More' tab gives you access to the full range of search services Google offers. If you need Video mode, and that’s not automatically suggested, you can select More, choose Video and get those results.

Also additional to the earlier enhancements: a mobile version of Google Search results for movies, making it even easier to find the latest holiday blockbuster playing in your area. From the web browser on your iPhone, Palm WebOS, or Android-powered device, simply search for (movies), and then tap on the 'More movies' link - then you can either browse a list of movies or select the 'Theaters' button to view a list of the ones near you. Also there is the added functionality to play trailers right on your phone, access movie ratings, find the closest theatre, and view upcoming showtimes, this new search feature is sure to make entertainment options on the go much easier.

However, most users are actually still viewing the new user interface in the wild. Google Blogoscoped has instructions on how to enable the new feature.

Google Search: New Interfaces, Movies And More...

Security advisory guidance and work-arounds for dealing with the zero-day exploit aimed at Internet Explorer was released by Microsoft on Monday night. The vulnerability in Internet Explorer was posted in a mailing list to Bugtraq security on Friday, and according to the report the attack code affects both Internet Explorer 6 and the newer IE7.

Microsoft had confirmed that the exploit code published last week can compromise PCs running older versions of Internet Explorers. The advisory confirmed that the vulnerability affects IE 6 on Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, and IE 6 and IE 7 on supported editions of XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

However, IE users running Internet Explorer 7 on Vista can configure the browser to run on Protected Mode to limit the impact of the vulnerability. Also recommended is the setting of the Internet zone security to 'High' to protect against the exploit. The 'High' setting will disable JavaScript, which currently is the only confirmed attack mode.

Microsoft officially stated that IE 5.01 Service Pack 4 and IE 8 on all supported versions of Windows are not affected. However, it declined to state whether the patch for the flaw will come bundled with its Security updates set for December 8.

Security Advisory On Zero-Day Exploit - Microsoft

Announced on July 7, 2009, the Google Chrome OS is finally slated for preview on Thursday. According to a report by TechCrunch, the event is planned at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. The plan is to give some technical background information as well as show off some demos.

Chrome OS - running on Open Source platform targets the perpetually connected, and is set to define the line between browser and future OS. It sent shivery down Microsoft Spine when the Search Magnate earlier declared it public.

Also expected at the event is the announcement of the actual launch date for the new Chrome OS.

However, tech gossips across the net hinted that the launch will be slated early next week, but the new report only points to technical preview, likely in the form of source code. Developers would soon be getting a chance to peek at the new platform and build applications for it.

Expectations are high on the part of analysts, but what it means for the average user? We will have to wait and see.

Chrome OS Overview Planned

According to a post on the official Mozilla blog, about a quarter-million people are running Firefox 3.6 preview version. Also, the chairman of the Mozilla Foundation, Mitchell Baker, echoed same in her personal blog earlier this week that 1-in-4 browser users run Firefox. Firefox has 25% market share, about 330 million users world wide.

Firefox's share growth has fueled Mozilla's ambitions - Mozilla at the weekend updated the beta of Firefox 3.6 to version 2, following the launch of Beta 1 on October 30.

However, Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE), still lead all rivals with 63.3%, while Apple's Safari, Google's Chrome and Opera Software's Opera followed, in that order, with 4.4%, 3.9% and 2.3%, respectively.

The growth of Firefox has had another important effect: bringing standards to the forefront of web development. Mozilla is set to launch Firefox 3.6 release candidate on November 26th, and the final build is expected before the end of the year.

Firefox Claims A Quarter Usage - Mozilla

Microsoft unveiled two new exclusive brand Advertising opportunities on Windows 7 (Windows Theme Experience and Windows Personalization Gallery). The Windows 7 desktop space has been made available for advertisers, who'll create Windows UI themes - customized backgrounds, audio clips, and other elements that highlight their brand. These Windows 7 theme experiences are being tested by a handful of brands as part of a pilot program that will run until October 2010.

Though, Microsoft has long allowed PC manufacturers to customize Windows desktop, the new advertiser themes are different, given that users will have to download and install the ad pitch. Whereas, in the later, customized logos are foisted on users.

Darren Huston, Microsoft corporate vice president of the Consumer & Online organization, stated that the new Windows Theme Experience and Windows Personalization Gallery in Windows 7 allow consumers to customize their technology to reflect the things in life they are most passionate about, and he stressed that the new products are Microsoft innovation and technology coming together to enable top global brands to reach audiences in new and interesting ways.

However, analysts have viewed the new incursions as counter to Redmond's grand scheme of creating an elegant Windows 7 experience. And had further advised that Microsoft should lock down the desktop, if indeed they clarmored for Mac experience.

Windows 7 Ad-themed Desktops

Sophos senior security advisor, Chester Wisniewski, in a blog post revealed that Windows 7 is 'vulnerable' to 8 out of 10 known viruses. The test findings were obtained by Sophos team planting ten instances of known malware onto a PC running Windows 7.

Despite Microsoft's hyped claims, Windows 7 disappointment came just like earlier versions of Windows. However, the company was fast to respond to this results: Microsoft accused the security industry rival of exaggerating the tests results that purported to show security features in the new Windows 7 operating system fail to block 80% of malware threats.

Microsoft's director of Windows Enterprise Client Security, Paul Cooke, stated that Sophos' methodology was flawed, in part because the testers did not take advantage of Microsoft security tools, such as Internet Explorer's SmartScreen filter (SmartScreen filter will notify a user when attempted download software is unsafe), that are not directly part of Windows 7 but to which an ordinary user would have access.

Cooke, however, agreed with Sophos' recommendation that Windows users need run anti-virus software on their PCs, irrespective of platform, including Windows 7. Microsoft Security Essentials, includes an anti-virus component, and its a free download.

Malware Threats! Windows 7 Vulnerable

Google's open-source Closure Tools project, commenced Thursday, is an attempt to help developers in creating Web sites and Web applications. Google being a strong proponent of JavaScript based programming, intends to help with writing, debugging, and optimizing heavy-duty JavaScript by the program.

The Closure Compiler, is first in the suite of software packages, it tends to boil down a JavaScript program to smaller codes to run faster. The compiler removes dead code, then rewrites and minimizes what's left so that it will run fast on browsers' JavaScript engines. Also, Closure Inspector, is an extension for Firefox's Firebug add-on designed to help programmers understand and debug the rewritten JavaScript program. Another add-on for the Google Page Speed extension lets programmers see how much the compiler helped.

The Closure Library, second in the list, is a collection of prebuilt JavaScript code that lets programmers handle relatively complicated technology. And last on the list, Closure Templates, extensive pre-written codes to ease creation of JavaScript and HTML user interfaces. They are components that can be composed to form user interface, instead of having to create one big template per page.

Google plans to make the compiler available as a Web application hosted on its Google App Engine service.

Google's Open-Source Closure Tools Project

Microsoft has setup a new look for its MSN home page. Athough the update is scheduled for a later launch - notably early next year, according to an MSN representative. Microsoft has made available public preview of the redesigned MSN Home page.

The new MSN portal as seen in the preview, debut major upgrades, freshening up the popular destination with social networking tools: integrated Facebook and Twitter feeds.

This latest move by Microsoft is the first step in a systematic process to upgrade the entire MSN network. MSN is making an effort to offer localized content with Local Editions. Local Edition contents such as: weather forecasts, event listings, local sport scores, and traffic updates will serve to leverage its integration with Bing search engine.

Microsoft, however, states that the main purposes of the update are to declutter the MSN homepage and to refresh its outdated look.

Microsoft Revamps MSN Home

Mozilla's latest browser, Firefox 3.6 beta 1, is now available for download according to an official announcement on Friday by Mike Beltzner, Mozilla's director for Firefox.

The new browser version is bundled with the under-listed features according to the report:
Ability to drag and drop files from the system to the browser: useful for uploading files to Web sites.
Extended support for geolocation technology - which provides a Web site with an approximate physical address of the user.
Quick Web-based JavaScript programs for better browser responsiveness, and faster start-up time.
Full Screen view support for the HTML5 'video' tag.

Though earlier upgrades were saddled with compatibility issues on add-on that extend Firefox's features; the new browser version makes some changes. Mozilla has also listed full list of Firefox changes for developers with more details.

Analysts forecasts has it that plans are underway for the release of the final version by the end of the year, with Firefox 3.7 in the first half of 2010 and Firefox 4.0 expected next year.

Mozilla Browser: Firefox 3.6 Beta Available For Download

Microsoft's newest operating system, Windows 7, was highly extolled in the Thursday Launch party at New York. The new OS took center stage as it was formally unveiled to the world.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO, was fast to point-out the unique features of the Ace OS - as comprising all things that Vista is not: Windows Vista being the failed version, mainly because of its intrusive security features, heavy horsepower requirements, and incompatibility with many older versions of software programs.

Microsoft added to some versions of Windows 7 an 'XP mode' that emulates Vista's predecessor, to boosts its compatibility with other programs.

Basic support for new input modes, such as touch-screen computing, was also added to Windows 7, according to the report. Ballmer stated that Microsoft engineers took into considerations the emotional, technical, and visual attributes the software required to succeed. Ballmer noted that there isn't just one killer feature, but rather many things that appeal to different users.

Windows 7 Features Extolled Amidst Launch

New service tagged Plugin Check, was announced by Mozilla on Tuesday to help Firefox users to track updates on select popular browsers plugin. Plugin Check takes the platform of Web page that displays information about plugin updates of visitors' browser plugins.

The service is purported to be in-built in the Firefox 3.6, slated for release November - and tracks a limited number of 15 plugins, though additional coverage is planned. When visiting a Web page with Firefox 3.6, users will be notified of recent updates in the plugins used by the site.

The launched came on the heel of Mozilla claims that 30% of all Firefox crashes came from third-party plugins, and subsequently called on Firefox users to update outdated versions of Adobe Flash. According to Mozilla, 99% of Firefox users have Flash installed and about 75% of those installations not updated. Adobe's Flash software, as well as its Acrobat and Acrobat Reader software, is top on major stability problems due to old version plugins and frequently targeted by cyber-criminals.

Plugin Check For Firefox Launched

Sharing docs between users may not be new in Google Docs, but sharing folders - a feature Google discreetly added to Docs back in July, 2007, had largely been left off the big picture. However, Google Docs on Monday announced that users are now able to share entire folders of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with other users of the service.

It's an easy way to start working on a document, then share it with a selected group of individuals without having to remember to invite them in the first place. The advantage being that the permissions settings for a shared folder controls the individual file permissions for all the documents.

The Docs up-loader now lets users pick multiple files from their hard drive. The new process makes it much easier for new users to move entire folders into Google's cloud. Instead of picking one file at a time, the new upload page lets you choose multiple files and upload them simultaneously.

Google Docs Feature Folder Live Sharing

Microsoft, in a blog post on Thursday stated that the starter version of Office will be part of the Office 2010 family, slated for release next year, and will be made available only on new PCs. The starter version of Office will have limited features, mainly Excel and Word, according to the post. Microsoft has announced plans for several new ways to obtain the software, including an ad-supported "Starter" edition that can come loaded on new PCs.

Office Starter will have full file compatibility with Office as well as features like the 'Ribbon' user interface, as seen as a replacement for Words. Microsoft corporate vice president, Takeshi Numoto, albeit, stated in an interview on Thursday that it is not a mere renaming of Works. It is an Office product.

However, analysts Perceive Microsoft move as trying several ideas to better compete with free rivals such as Google Docs.

Microsoft Office 2010, will also offer a free, ad-supported version of Office that runs in a Web browser. Microsoft had also experimented with a free, ad-supported version of Works in recent years.

'Starter' Version Of Office In View

Xoopit, an online aggregator of media files, whose services were once available for Gmail users is to be discontinued. Yahoo acquired the company late July, and on Friday noted to users of Xoopit that the Gmail integration of its service would soon be disintegrated.

According to the note, the company says one of the main reasons for the shutdown of Gmail accessibility to the service is to enable the team focus on making a better version of its product for Yahoo Mail.
However, Xoopit users have until November 13 to grab any media from Yahoo's servers, after which it will no longer be available. Yahoo will continue to hold on to all users' data until next year February to comply with its 90-day data retention policy.

Yahoo is also discontinuing its Firefox add-on and facebook integration for Gmail - a browser add-on that let users view attachments in their Gmail accounts as a file explorer-functionality that has since been replaced by some of Google's Gmail Labs add-on.

Xoopit Integration With Gmail Ends

Google blog post on thursday reported that it will be launching a change for published docs in about two weeks time, whereby published docs that are linked to from a public Web site will be allowed to be crawled and indexed by search engines. Google Docs and Spreadsheets users are hereby expected to set limit to how exactly public they want their informations.

However, Google noted that the crawling for search results will only apply to docs which you explicitly publish using the 'Publish as Web page' or 'publish/embed' option, and which are linked to publicly crawled Web pages.

Debates on Google's need to balance between transparency and data accessibility, had been recorded on certain quarters - notably, the online application suite users, concerned about the plan, suggesting better labeling of potentially crawlable documents, spreadsheets presentations and definitive info if a publicly crawled Web page has linked to a published document. The pros on the-other-hand been that published docs linked to from public websites will reach a much wider audience.

Google docs To Feature In Search

Twitter users will be able to initiate a two-way voice chat with other users according to a new third-party offering from Jajah, a VOIP company, known as 'Jajah@call' which goes into beta Today. It is enabled by typing "@call @username": where "username" is someone's Twitter ID or any Twitter client. The company said, the calls will be limited to two minutes for the beta period. However, it seems the two minute period after which the call will end serves as the equivalent to 'verbal tweet'.

There are several applications that allow users to create 'voice-to-text' Twitter posts, known as tweets - notable among them is SpinVox. But it does not appear that anyone has yet made it possible to initiate voice communications directly between Twitter users.

The voice call launch came on the heel of an earlier announcement this week by Facebook that users will now be able to communicate with each other via voice, using a third-party application from Vivox. it's clear that there is a strong interest, among service providers, at least, in taking leading social networks beyond strictly text communications.

Twitter Voice Call Beta Launched

Security advisory issued late Tuesday by Microsoft on a reported zero-day flaw in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 has it that Microsoft is investigating new public reports of a possible vulnerability in Microsoft Server Message Block (SMB) implementation.

The software maker said the latest issue affects the 'release candidate' version of Windows 7, but not the final version that was completed in July. Also, the recently completed Windows Server 2008 R2 is not vulnerable, nor are the earlier Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systems. Microsoft said it will take action, which could include releasing a patch during its next monthly cycle or doing an 'out-of-band' release, if necessary.

The remote reboot flaw in Microsoft’s implementation of the SMB2 protocol expose users of Windows Vista to the teardrop attacks that used to be popular on Windows95. The flaw could allow an attacker to remotely crash any Windows Vista machine with SMB enabled.

Latest Flaw: Final Version Of Windows 7 Free

According to informations released by Microsoft, Windows Mobile 6.5 will be launched October 6. The revamped platform, according to the report is to feature IE Mobile, and is capable of playing Flash videos from sites such as YouTube. The browser also have capabilities whereby users will be able to zoom and pan with a stylus or with a finger.

The user interface is more touch friendly according to the report, with improved notifications and updates from e-mail, text and calendar items. Also included are the latest Internet Explorer Mobile browser and added free services like 'My Phone' to help protect data in the event of a lost phone and Windows Marketplace for Mobile access to a wide variety of applications for direct download. The service is compared to Apple's MobileMe, and Microsoft said it makes it easier for users to switch devices, or replace a lost smartphone.

Windows Mobile is the third-most used operating system behind Symbian and Research In Motion's BlackBerry platform. However, presently it is facing increased pressure from Apple's iPhone and Google's Android.

Windows Mobile 6.5 Debut Slated For October

An official Google Blog post today reports the addition of language translation to Google Docs. The new feature enabled in the settings menu, automatically detect the original language the document is written, then opens the translated version in a new window, allowing user to compare and contrast the two side-by-side. It easily check whether the translation has bungled any words or phrasing.

Google Docs language translation entry follows a growing list in Google products having the enhancement. Google has as a state of necessity been busy adding translation to its other products: including its Gmail and Friend Connect services. The translation implementation in Friend Connect is a little more interesting, as it unify the language on any comment thread, regardless of how many languages in which the user comments are written.

This feature must first be enabled in Google Docs's settings menu, then letting users do an on-the-spot translation into any of 42 languages it supports.

Google Docs Feature Translation

According to an analytics report released by Chitika, an internet marketing network, Linux users overwhelmingly chose Google as preferred search engine to the enhanced Microsoft Bing.

The statistical data puts Google at 94.61% ahead of Bing. Google overwhelmingly soars ahead of Bing, despite its rising profile and the numerous privacy issues associated with the incumbent search engine. While it's not surprising that Linux users would shun a Microsoft-sponsored search engine, the fact that they so heavily congregate around just one search engine, however, is a bit stunning.

Perhaps Google's staunch position in the search business accounts for the wide choice accorded it by this highly disparate community. The Linux community being the crowd behind literal thousands of Linux distributions cutting across Open source apps, after all, is centered on viable alternatives.

Chitika analyzed data from 163 million searches conducted across its advertising network between July 30 and August 16 to come-up with the above graphical results.

'Linux Crowd' Prefer Google Search To Bing - Survey

Linux adherents now have something to cheer about as the Chromium team announced in a mailing list on Thursday of the commencement of work on a 64-bit version of Chrome for Linux. Chromium is the open-source project behind Google's branded and supported Chrome browser. Chrome's engineers running programs written in the JavaScript language common on the Web known as V8 are the team behind the 64-bit project.

The transition to 64-bit software is well under way with Linux and Mac OS X at the fore-front. But for desktop computing, 32-bit operating systems and software are common - presenting problems of 64-bit browser with a 32-bit plug-in or JavaScript.

Notable advantage of 64-bit includes larger amounts of memory, performance can benefit from extra storage spaces called registers on processors, and some intense computing tasks run faster.

Linux adherents known to be technical and proficient programmers are champions of 64-bit software. Adobe recent adoption of 64-bit version of Flash Player for Linux points to their agitation. Now they have also stirred-up the necessity for a 64-bit browsers.

Chrome Hits 64-Bit On Linux

Google Groups associate product manager, Jeffrey Chang, in a blog post on Monday announced that Google applications suite is now linked with its Groups service, making it possible to share documents, sites, and calendars among defined groups of users.

Application users wanting to share items had to earlier share it on a person-to-person basis. But with the new enhancements, users of Google applications, including Docs, Sites, Video for Business, and Calendar, groups can be given access through an invitation from the group, rather than from an individual.

An application shared with a Google Group will be accessible immediately to anyone joining that group, and inaccessible to those leaving the group. Google product manager, further stated 'that being able to communicate and collaborate with many groups of people is crucial to productivity, and often users want to use Google Apps to share content with particular groups'. Also time related Apps will automatically detect group membership changes, according to the report.

Google Apps Linked With Group Services

The internet security firm Symantec in a blog post on Friday reported that Twitter accounts were uncovered that serves as the command center for harnessing a 'botnet' of virus-infected computers. The researchers found an account, @upd4t3, which was tweeting out links to download a piece malware called Downloader.Sninfs (also known as Infostealer.Bancos). However, the account has since been suspended by Twitter.

The microblogging site was completely drowned in a centered denial-of-service attack last week that was targeting a Georgian political blogger. Facebook and the Google owned Blogger were also hit by the attack, but only Twitters suffered a fall-out, hours-long outage, and it again called into question the security of the service.

Downloader.Sninfs is a Trojan that disguises as a Brazilian banking website to steal passwords and related personal information from infected computers. These Trojans are used to steal logins, passwords, PINs, check words and other information from bank websites. There are plenty of alternative social networking sites on the Internet that could also be used as a similar medium of communication, according to Symantec analyst Peter Coogan.

Internet Security Alert! Botnet On Twitter

The third beta of Opera 10 has been released according to an Official Opera Blog report. Notable enhancements in the third beta according to the report includes availability for tweaks tabs: Customization through menu bar View - whereby, you can move your visual tab bar to the sides of the browser as well as the top or bottom.

These options are available for all toolbars in Opera, making toolbar customization more streamlined than in other browser. This beta has also been translated into nearly 40 languages. Also availabe is what Opera calls a 'crash logger', purportedly to make the new beta browser 'rock-solid'. However, it remains unclear at press time whether that means the entire browser wont be affected if one lab crashes.

Opera Unite, however, remains in alpha development and continues to be a separate entity from the main build of the Opera 10 beta.

Beta 3 Released - Opera 10

One of the best features in Windows 7. Browser jump-list access previously limited only to Internet Explorer, has now been made available to the new developes build - Chrome version according to a Cnet Editorial.

The groundwork for the stable version of Chrome is also reported on in other operating systems - Mac users of the developers build, which has been updated to version, now get chrome extensions enabled by default. Linux users, meanwhile, should no longer find Chrome crashing when reading their Gmail.

The jump-list can be accessed by right-clicking on the Chrome taskbar icon or by holding down the left mouse button and dragging, which mimics the Internet Explorer jump-list. However, the IE tag, called 'Frequent', is labeled 'Most Visited Sites' on Chrome, but both merely show your most frequently visited Web sites. Also lists of URLs are configurable on both, so you can remove sites from the list.

Browser Jump-list Access Available For Chrome

In a mailing list posting on Friday, Microsoft IE team offered a host of questions and concerns with the present proposal on efforts to renovate HyperText Markup Language (HTML5), the updated standard used to describe Web pages. HTML5 current draft includes a number of significant advancements, notably several that make the Web a better foundation for applications.

The present HTML5 features are built-in video and audio, the ability to access stored data on a local computer even when offline, Canvas for creating sophisticated graphics, and better Web application user interfaces. Which before now had much of its creation supported by Apple, Google, Opera, and Mozilla.

Microsoft IE Program Manager, Adrian Bateman stated among other things, that the IE team is reviewing the current editor's draft of the HTML5 specifications and gathering their thoughts. 'We want to share our feedback and discuss this in the working group'.

The Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG), has been saddled with the current course of HTML5 by the Browser giant. Whereas, the formal HTML standard is under the governance of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Microsoft Set To Join HTML5 Draft

An official Microsoft report - Friday, has it that Windows 7 OS will include a tool that allows users to upgrade from a basic version of the OS to one of its more enhanced Version at the touch of a button. The Window 7 enhancement termed 'Windows Anytime Upgrade'(WAU), will enable users launch a screen from within Windows 7 that lets them purchase a product key for a pricier version of the software. Users can also enter a product key for an upgrade previously purchased at retail.

Microsoft spokesperson stated, 'that the enhancement became necessary in a scenario where users may want to quickly and easily upgrade to a different version of Windows 7 OS'. After purchasing or entering the product key, buyers can upgrade to whichever version of Windows 7 they choose with just a few clicks.

'WAU' makes it super easy to upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium - with cost ranging as follows: upgrade from Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Home Premium for $79.99. Moving from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional costs $89.99. Home Premium to Windows 7 Ultimate is priced at $139.99.

Windows 7 OS availability to the general public will commence on October 22nd. However, it has been released to manufacturers.

Auto Upgrade Button For Windows 7 OS

Newsgator - publisher of popular RSS readers FeedDemon and NetNewsWire, has concluded plans to merge with Google Reader. Its RSSFeeds online service will cease on August 31, according to an official announcement - thursday. Along with Google Reader synchronization for FeedDemon, NetNewsWire, and the NetNewsWire iPhone app, Newsgator will discontinue Newsgator Online, Newsgator Go!, Newsgator Inbox, the Newsgator browser toolbar, and the desktop notifier.

Newsgator recommends that those using blogroll, ratings or headlines features to remove them from any Web site they're used on by August 31. However, the shared clipping feature will transition into Google Reader's analogous feature. It also recommends that all FeedDemon and NetNewsWire readers upgrade to the beta builds before August 31, since only those latest versions contain the Google Reader Sync option.

Newsgator switch as viewed by analysts points to growing emphasis from the company on their enterprise-based business.

NewsGator Set To Merge With Google Reader

Computer OS market is bound to experience a revolution in the purported plan of Google to release its own operating system - Chrome OS. Hitherto, the OS market have been ruled by Microsoft, with over 80% of the web running on Windows Platform.

Chrome OS, it is reported will be given out free by the 'Search Giant'. This grand plan is bound to shake up the operating system market even more credibly by the absence of any actual programming code or substantive information about Chrome OS.

Chrome OS applications will be written using open Web standards like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. And many sees it as a liability, given that Web applications are not capable to function as applications for specific devices/systems. However, Google is poised to effect a change on which its bet depends, enabling Web browsers to gain access to peripherals, through an infrastructure layer above the level of device drivers.

Google partners in this vision includes: Acer, Adobe, ASUS, Freescale, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Intel and Toshiba according to Theregister. Indeed, Chrome OS will be well positioned to help Google organize even more of the world's information that the company already handles.

Future Web Platform - Chrome OS

Twitter witnessed a huge influx of fake accounts which raised the NSFW trending topic, '#gorillapenis', all the way to the top of the list on Sunday. 4chan, a hub of Internet culture and memes, has long been the spawning point of various raids on most networking sites, recently YouTube Porn Day. Also among their exploits includes hacking Time Magazine's voting system for the World's Most Influential Person, resulting the eventual winning by the site's creator, Moot, by a wide margin.

This latest exploit by the Board is termed 'Operation Shitter'. 4chan has been known to tread blames when convicted in a plot. And as such the blame for this latest plot was put on Ebaum's World. But analyst investigations have absolved them from any blame.

In response, Twitter has reacted by removing the term from its trending topics, but evidence can still be found on Twitter Search. Twitter really has to come up with a better detection mechanism ready to deal with such trends, in view of its growing popularity.

Raid On Twitter Traced To The Board 4CHAN

Amit Papnai of the Delicious team in a mailing list posting Tuesday, stated that 'the alpha version of Delicious extension for Google Chrome is now available. He confirmed that this is a lite version of the extension and allows user to sign in and post bookmarks to their Delicious account.'

This test version is perceived as a strong indication that the technology foundation is coming to fruition in Google's browser, though Extensions still must be specifically enabled through a 'command-line switch' on the developer version of Chrome.

Chrome lacks one of Firefox's notable features, called add-ons in the Mozilla browser. Chrome's extensions technology uses the same interface techniques as Web pages, a method Mozilla has adopted for its Jetpack Firefox extensions project at Mozilla Labs.

Chrome Extensions Proved - Delicious

Gartner analyst, Michael Silver, in a report released Friday, stated that Microsoft will discontinue upgrade of XP based PCs to Windows 7 for free once the first Windows 7 service pack debuts after October. Though the plan has not been made public by Microsoft, it was noted in a research by an analyst of the IT advisory firm.

Microsoft plans to release Windows 7 by 22nd of October, but has not stated when the first service pack will become available. The analyst report has it that Microsoft designs these program limitations to persuade organizations to enter Enterprise Agreements, enroll licenses in Software Assurance or purchase upgrade rights to run Windows 7.

Gartner's report also warned businesses to evaluate their applications before switching from Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7 in order to avoid compatibility issues.

Service Pack Debut Ends Windows 7 Update

The maker of a new role-playing game on Twitter, Lolplaying, tagged '140 Mafia,' is trying to explore Twitter's money making potential with Super Rewards, a virtual currency service that already has been reaping revenue from various forms of online recreation. Super Rewards quietly began selling extra points and additional powers to 'Tweeple' this month when 140 Mafia's text-based take on organized crime made its Twitter debut.

The alliance was announced on Tuesday at a social gaming conference in San Francisco - Power to the Tweeple. Super Rewards gives players of online and mobile games ways to gain the upper hand against their opponents, with the reward of a few bucks - or, in some cases, a ridiculous amount of money can buy an advantage.

Jason Bailey, co-founder of Super Rewards, tipped it will pay off on Twitter as '140 Mafia' attracts more players. It's already proven to be a lucrative model at Facebook and MySpace, as well as on the iPhone.

Twitter's founders are yet to come-up with how to cash in on their popular social networking and messaging service. The scheme is raking in profits, but not for Twitter, which maintains it doesn't need to worry about monetization.

Role-playing Game On Twitter rakes In Profits

In a New York Post report on Sunday, Google co-founder Sergey Brin, was reportedly upset by the launch of Microsoft's Bing search engine that he called-up for 'urgent upgrades' to Google's service. As the story headlined has it 'Fear grips Google,' could the search giant really feel threatened?

Brin is said to be leading a team of top engineers to determine how Microsoft's search algorithm differs from the closely guarded one Google employs. Though Google representatives declined to comment on the level of Brin's involvement, the fact that the newspaper state his hands-on involvement with a team working to improve search services spells trouble.

According to latest release on search share by market researcher ComScore, Microsoft's search share went up to 11.1 percent last week from 9.1 percent the previous week. The fact that Bing seems to be of particular interest to Sergey is indeed remarkable.

Google Advances Challenged By 'Bing'

According to an Official Sophos blog post on Wednesday, a new version of the Mac OS X Tored Worm had been discovered. Also among the findings is a Trojan hidden inside a porn site which targets Mac users. The malicious porn site instructs visitors to download an ActiveX component to enable them view videos on the site.

But instead, a Trojan, dubbed OSX/Jahlavc, gets downloaded and installed on the system. Mac users get redirected to the pagemac.php page, which downloads a QuickTime.dmg file, according to the blog post.

Sophos security researcher, Graham Cluley, cautioned in the post that 'the Mac malware threat is real, as we've demonstrated before, we'll no doubt explain again.' Adult sites have been the bait of virus developers, and the trend is one that will continue for a long time to come, seeing the high rate at which users patronize porn contents online.

However, internet users generally have now been afforded a more secure defense against this hydra headed monster more than ever before in the form of  Java disabling tools and firewalls.

New Malwares Target Mac OS X

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has responded to the suit by St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa over fake tweets made in his name on the company blog detailing Twitter's future plans to combat false accounts - saturday.

According to Stone in the post, 'Twitter's Terms of Service are fair and we believe will be upheld in a court that will ultimately dismiss Mr. La Russa's lawsuit.' The microblogging company also purports to suspend, delete, or transfer control of accounts known to be started by impostors.

On a more security-note, however, Stone stated that the company recognizes an opportunity to improve its customer service, and will experiment starting this summer with a beta preview of a feature called 'Verified Accounts.' The account will feature a special seal indicating that it belong to the individual or group it says it belongs. The experiment will begin with 'public officials, public agencies, famous artists, athletes, and other well-known individuals at risk of impersonation,' Stone wrote. The company hopes to extend the verified seal subsequently to all accounts.

'Verified Account ' Seal For Twitter Users

A developer preview version of Google's Chrome is now available on Mac OS X, according to an official chrome blog post - Thursday. Chrome had been a Windows-only product, which before now, coders have been working to rebuild some Chrome components, such as its graphical interface and its sandbox that isolates different processes from each other, to move beyond Windows and embrace Mac/Linux.

Google product managers Mike Smith and Karen Grunberg stated in the blog post, 'In order to get more feedback from developers, we have early developer channel versions of Google Chrome for Mac OS X and Linux, but whatever you do, please DON'T DOWNLOAD THEM,' which more-or-less evidently points to a reverse psychology.

However, the company warns that the developer preview versions are yet a work-in-progress, and falls in the category of 'most unstable' of all known versions of chrome.

Chrome For Mac OS X And Linux Released

Google's developers conference in San Francisco, Thursday - demonstrated a preview of its new 'Wave' collaboration platform. Developed on HTML 5, Google Wave product, is a platform cum protocol that combines aspects of e-mail, instant messaging, wikis, and blogs to allow real-time and stored collaborative messaging. However, its release is expected later in the year.

Google engineer and co-founder of the Wave project, Lars Rasmussen, stated that Wave's extensibility through APIs will help make other communication services with similar functions, like Twitter, more useful. Wave coding, being mainly in Open Source is intended that developers will extend the system and run their own Wave servers as part of an integrated network.

Microsoft's SharePoint has encountered a potential alternative in 'Wave', though Google insisted it isn't positioning Wave as a competitor to SharePoint - its openness demonstrated, is virtually non available in SharePoint.

Microsoft SharePoint Challenged By 'WAVE'

Google announced Thursday that an update to its Chrome web browser should improve the loading speed of JavaScript-heavy Web pages. It runs JavaScript-heavy Web pages about 30% faster than the last stable version of Chrome, according to Google. It's also more stable, through the termination of more than 250 bugs since Chrome's debut. The updates will be automatically downloaded to existing copies of Chrome.

According to Darin Fisher, Chrome software engineer, 'the new Chrome is refered to as Chrome 2, but that's mainly a metric to help us keep track of changes internally.'We don't give too much weight to version numbers and will continue to roll out useful updates as often as possible, he added.

Also other changes to Chrome, includes the addition of new features that mitigates the embarrassment or an improved New Tab page that allows the ability to remove thumbnails of visited sites that appears when you open a new tab in Chrome - title bar-concealment option for full-screen presentations, and form autofill.

Chrome Update Offers Accelerated Speed

Amazon Web Services, in an announcement on Monday, unveiled the beta of three new features to help users monitor cloud resources. The new features includes: the CloudWatch monitoring service, Auto Scaling for on-demand capacity adjustments, and Elastic Load Balancing for redistributing traffic.

The features, according to the post, works together to help users build highly scalable and highly available applications. CloudWatch monitors Amazon EC2 capacity, Auto Scaling updates the Elastic Load Balancing service when new instances are launched or terminated to automatically scale the load-balanced capacity. While Elastic Load Balancing distributes load across multiple instances in one or more Availability Zones.

According to the company blog post, the added features are available for US users immediately, while in Europe, availability will start next month.

Amazon Unveiled New Features For Cloud Computing