Mozilla's latest browser, Firefox 3.6 beta 1, is now available for download according to an official announcement on Friday by Mike Beltzner, Mozilla's director for Firefox.

The new browser version is bundled with the under-listed features according to the report:
Ability to drag and drop files from the system to the browser: useful for uploading files to Web sites.
Extended support for geolocation technology - which provides a Web site with an approximate physical address of the user.
Quick Web-based JavaScript programs for better browser responsiveness, and faster start-up time.
Full Screen view support for the HTML5 'video' tag.

Though earlier upgrades were saddled with compatibility issues on add-on that extend Firefox's features; the new browser version makes some changes. Mozilla has also listed full list of Firefox changes for developers with more details.

Analysts forecasts has it that plans are underway for the release of the final version by the end of the year, with Firefox 3.7 in the first half of 2010 and Firefox 4.0 expected next year.

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Finally: Google Social Search Debut

Posted by Unknown | October 27, 2009 |

Marissa Mayer, Google's Vice President, Search Products & User Experience, demonstrated a new service termed Social Search at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco last week. The service according to the report went live as a Google Labs project on Monday.

Google Social Search concepts follows the so-called 'real-time' content search with Google Profiles and custom search results, allowing searchers to find content created by friends or contacts in Google Profiles. It provides your Gmail contacts and friends on public social-networking services with the content you've linked to your Google Profile, such as blogs, Twitter or Friendfeed accounts.

Social Search links will be placed at the bottom of the search results page for now, and searchers will have the option to refine the search results page with a new 'social' link on the left-hand side of the page to focus just on content from their network. The results are specific to you, so you need to be signed in to your Google Account to use Social Search. For Gmail users, chat buddies and contacts in your friends, family, and coworkers groups will also be included. And if you use Google Reader, some websites from your subscriptions will be included as part of your social search results.

Google had also earlier announced that it had entered into an agreement with Twitter to bring real-time 'tweets' to search results, whose services are yet to be launched. However, this latest move by Google is viewed by analysts as a shrouding of its earlier purported deal for acquisition of Twitter.

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Windows 7 Features Extolled Amidst Launch

Posted by Unknown | October 23, 2009 |

Microsoft's newest operating system, Windows 7, was highly extolled in the Thursday Launch party at New York. The new OS took center stage as it was formally unveiled to the world.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO, was fast to point-out the unique features of the Ace OS - as comprising all things that Vista is not: Windows Vista being the failed version, mainly because of its intrusive security features, heavy horsepower requirements, and incompatibility with many older versions of software programs.

Microsoft added to some versions of Windows 7 an 'XP mode' that emulates Vista's predecessor, to boosts its compatibility with other programs.

Basic support for new input modes, such as touch-screen computing, was also added to Windows 7, according to the report. Ballmer stated that Microsoft engineers took into considerations the emotional, technical, and visual attributes the software required to succeed. Ballmer noted that there isn't just one killer feature, but rather many things that appeal to different users.

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Mozilla announced on Friday through its official blog the blockade of Microsoft plug-in for Firefox called the .Net Framework Assistant based on security concerns. According to the post, the add-on have a high risk of causing stability or security problem.

Mozilla's VP of engineering, Mike Shaver, announced the preliminary step in the post that: 'because of the difficulties some users have had entirely removing the add-on, and because of the severity of the risk it represents if not disabled, we contacted Microsoft today to indicate that we were looking to disable the extension and plug-in for all users via our blocklisting mechanism'.

It is also confirmed that Microsoft had agreed with the plan, and that blocklist entry went live immediately. Microsoft is recommending that all users disable the add-on.

Though the blockade was intended to protect users, but on-the-other hand it had generated other issues: removing it initially required people to edit their Windows Registry - a technically tussle many would not undertake. It was automatically installed via Windows Update with the .Net Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 without telling the user that the add-on was being installed neither given any options. More hackles were raised because it wasn't compatible with Firefox 3.5.

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Plugin Check For Firefox Launched

Posted by Unknown | October 15, 2009 |

New service tagged Plugin Check, was announced by Mozilla on Tuesday to help Firefox users to track updates on select popular browsers plugin. Plugin Check takes the platform of Web page that displays information about plugin updates of visitors' browser plugins.

The service is purported to be in-built in the Firefox 3.6, slated for release November - and tracks a limited number of 15 plugins, though additional coverage is planned. When visiting a Web page with Firefox 3.6, users will be notified of recent updates in the plugins used by the site.

The launched came on the heel of Mozilla claims that 30% of all Firefox crashes came from third-party plugins, and subsequently called on Firefox users to update outdated versions of Adobe Flash. According to Mozilla, 99% of Firefox users have Flash installed and about 75% of those installations not updated. Adobe's Flash software, as well as its Acrobat and Acrobat Reader software, is top on major stability problems due to old version plugins and frequently targeted by cyber-criminals.

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Google Docs Feature Folder Live Sharing

Posted by Unknown | October 13, 2009 |

Sharing docs between users may not be new in Google Docs, but sharing folders - a feature Google discreetly added to Docs back in July, 2007, had largely been left off the big picture. However, Google Docs on Monday announced that users are now able to share entire folders of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with other users of the service.

It's an easy way to start working on a document, then share it with a selected group of individuals without having to remember to invite them in the first place. The advantage being that the permissions settings for a shared folder controls the individual file permissions for all the documents.

The Docs up-loader now lets users pick multiple files from their hard drive. The new process makes it much easier for new users to move entire folders into Google's cloud. Instead of picking one file at a time, the new upload page lets you choose multiple files and upload them simultaneously.

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Latest Enhancements to Yahoo Search

Posted by Unknown | October 11, 2009 |

Yahoo in a blog post on Tuesday highlighted enhancements to Yahoo Search, which calls to question the earlier deal to sell its search assets to Microsoft. A deal which if passes regulatory review, will have Microsoft as the exclusive provider of search results on Yahoo's Web pages, although Yahoo will retain the right to control the way those results are presented.

Yahoo vice president and general manager of search marketing, David Pann, stated in the post that the new search enhancements fall into four major areas: innovation, transparency and control, value, and consumer relevance.

Innovation: falls on search retargeting and Rich Ads in Search products, Transparency and Control: on Ad Delivery Report, which lets advertisers see where their ads are showing on our various partner sites and how their traffic is performing. Value: falls on pricing model to better align what advertisers pay with the value of the clicks they receive, while Consumer relevance: is on new search results page which gives users tools to discover new information, explore related concepts, and filter search results by specific sites and types of content such as people, videos and discussion forums.

'Does Yahoo! still care about search?' The answer is: emphatically Yes. Indeed, Yahoo is in the midst of a grand transition as a company and we all earnestly awaits what the new change will bring.

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'Starter' Version Of Office In View

Posted by Unknown | October 09, 2009 |

Microsoft, in a blog post on Thursday stated that the starter version of Office will be part of the Office 2010 family, slated for release next year, and will be made available only on new PCs. The starter version of Office will have limited features, mainly Excel and Word, according to the post. Microsoft has announced plans for several new ways to obtain the software, including an ad-supported "Starter" edition that can come loaded on new PCs.

Office Starter will have full file compatibility with Office as well as features like the 'Ribbon' user interface, as seen as a replacement for Words. Microsoft corporate vice president, Takeshi Numoto, albeit, stated in an interview on Thursday that it is not a mere renaming of Works. It is an Office product.

However, analysts Perceive Microsoft move as trying several ideas to better compete with free rivals such as Google Docs.

Microsoft Office 2010, will also offer a free, ad-supported version of Office that runs in a Web browser. Microsoft had also experimented with a free, ad-supported version of Works in recent years.

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Xoopit Integration With Gmail Ends

Posted by Unknown | October 03, 2009 |

Xoopit, an online aggregator of media files, whose services were once available for Gmail users is to be discontinued. Yahoo acquired the company late July, and on Friday noted to users of Xoopit that the Gmail integration of its service would soon be disintegrated.

According to the note, the company says one of the main reasons for the shutdown of Gmail accessibility to the service is to enable the team focus on making a better version of its product for Yahoo Mail.
However, Xoopit users have until November 13 to grab any media from Yahoo's servers, after which it will no longer be available. Yahoo will continue to hold on to all users' data until next year February to comply with its 90-day data retention policy.

Yahoo is also discontinuing its Firefox add-on and facebook integration for Gmail - a browser add-on that let users view attachments in their Gmail accounts as a file explorer-functionality that has since been replaced by some of Google's Gmail Labs add-on.

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