Microsoft SharePoint Challenged By 'WAVE'

Posted by Unknown | May 29, 2009 |

Google's developers conference in San Francisco, Thursday - demonstrated a preview of its new 'Wave' collaboration platform. Developed on HTML 5, Google Wave product, is a platform cum protocol that combines aspects of e-mail, instant messaging, wikis, and blogs to allow real-time and stored collaborative messaging. However, its release is expected later in the year.

Google engineer and co-founder of the Wave project, Lars Rasmussen, stated that Wave's extensibility through APIs will help make other communication services with similar functions, like Twitter, more useful. Wave coding, being mainly in Open Source is intended that developers will extend the system and run their own Wave servers as part of an integrated network.

Microsoft's SharePoint has encountered a potential alternative in 'Wave', though Google insisted it isn't positioning Wave as a competitor to SharePoint - its openness demonstrated, is virtually non available in SharePoint.

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Shutdowns begin for the Windows 7 Beta

Posted by Unknown | May 26, 2009 |

According to a Microsoft official blog post, Brandon LeBlanc confirmed that, starting on July 1st, users who are still running Windows 7 Beta will see their computers shutdown and reboot every two hours. The official said that the e-mail sent to users over the Memorial Day weekend indicating that the shutdown would begin on June 1st was an error.

'If you're still on the Windows 7 Beta you should certainly look at giving the Windows 7 Release Candidate a try!' LeBlanc added. In other words, the interruptions are designed to encourage early adopters to move to Windows 7 Release Candidate, a more polished version of Microsoft's next operating system.

After June 1st, 2010, Windows 7 Release Candidate users will need to upgrade to a full paid-version of the operating system if they wish to continue usage.

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Chrome Update Offers Accelerated Speed

Posted by Unknown | May 22, 2009 |

Google announced Thursday that an update to its Chrome web browser should improve the loading speed of JavaScript-heavy Web pages. It runs JavaScript-heavy Web pages about 30% faster than the last stable version of Chrome, according to Google. It's also more stable, through the termination of more than 250 bugs since Chrome's debut. The updates will be automatically downloaded to existing copies of Chrome.

According to Darin Fisher, Chrome software engineer, 'the new Chrome is refered to as Chrome 2, but that's mainly a metric to help us keep track of changes internally.'We don't give too much weight to version numbers and will continue to roll out useful updates as often as possible, he added.

Also other changes to Chrome, includes the addition of new features that mitigates the embarrassment or an improved New Tab page that allows the ability to remove thumbnails of visited sites that appears when you open a new tab in Chrome - title bar-concealment option for full-screen presentations, and form autofill.

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Amazon Web Services, in an announcement on Monday, unveiled the beta of three new features to help users monitor cloud resources. The new features includes: the CloudWatch monitoring service, Auto Scaling for on-demand capacity adjustments, and Elastic Load Balancing for redistributing traffic.

The features, according to the post, works together to help users build highly scalable and highly available applications. CloudWatch monitors Amazon EC2 capacity, Auto Scaling updates the Elastic Load Balancing service when new instances are launched or terminated to automatically scale the load-balanced capacity. While Elastic Load Balancing distributes load across multiple instances in one or more Availability Zones.

According to the company blog post, the added features are available for US users immediately, while in Europe, availability will start next month.

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Google has added three new enhancements to its search services according to a report at a media event held on Google's Mountain View Campus, Calif, on tuesday. The new features gives users new ways to filter results and adding new types of data to search results.

The company's product managers, led by Marissa Mayer, vice president of search products and experience, unveiled on stage at Searchology 2009 the new features which includes - Google Search Options, Google Squared, and Rich Snippets.

Search Options gives users ways to filter their results based on factors like timeliness, result type such as image or videos, or search results in visual form. The newest addition to Google Labs, Google Squared, allows searchers to create a spreadsheet based on Web results. Such data accessed through the Google Squared search can also be filtered bu users.

Last on the list, Rich Snippets, which is a partnership between Google and certain publishers, including CNET, allows users to display information from Web pages within the box that encompasses a search result.

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According to a recent Survey by InformationWeek Analytics Team, Social networks reported low marks as source of IT informations. Though no formal report goes with this data, the ratings are a bit of interest. Sources of informations fielded in the survey questions includes vendor Web sites, IT trade magazines, business magazines and newspapers, E-mail newsletters, broad business tech sites (such as Information, focused tech sites (such as, analyst sites, virtual trade shows and Webinars, social networks (such as LinkedIn and Facebook), tech bloggers, and Twitter.

The survey teams Opinions were gauged on a five-point scale: relevance, reliability, timeliness, and bias for each as they relate to the work. Top responses varied a bit from question to question, but typically top sources of information include broad IT Web sites, IT trade magazines, business news sites, and analyst sites. The bottom three responses were much more consistent: tech bloggers, social networks, and Twitter, with Twitter ranking by far the lowest in a number of categories.

The bottom three rankings for bloggers, social networking, and Twitter is of interest to we Bloggers - so in a honest comment, we 'll like you to share your views on the Survey results:

IT Web sites like and business sites like got a 3.8 on the scale for reliability, Twitter rated a 1.7.

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Twitter reportedly plans to add enhanced search capabilities soon, the microblogging service keeps rolling out new features that may eventually add up to a business model - the latest examples being the ability to search Web pages through links embedded in tweets, and to rank results based on reputation.

The new features were unveiled by Twitter's new vice president of operations, Santosh Jayaram, during a Wednesday panel discussion at TIEcon, a conference for enterpreneurs in Santa Clara, Calif. According to the report, Jayaram sated, 'Twitter will soon add the ability to search data within the links that users send to each other,'a recently added feature, trending topics - the most popular subjects that are the focus of user tweets - will also be ranked according to the reputations of senders'.

Although no date has been set for the new features; Jayaram stated that Developers are still on the job. Overall goal of the company being, setting up Twitter as an even more attractive acquisition target; and providing a path to monetization.

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Windows 7 release slated to be made public Tuesday, has found an early debut showing up on Microsoft's developer program Web sites, the operating system arrived on the main Microsoft website late on Monday night.

The company will only officially confirm it plans to release Windows 7 before Windows Vista hits its third anniversary of broad availability. The release candidate version is expected to be the last major public test of the product before it is finalized.

However, no official comment has been made by Microsoft representatives about this early debut.

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A new phishing attack hit Facebook on Thursday. The worm lures people to a fake Facebook page and prompts them to log in. The fake site steals users information when they type in their username and password. The worm also copies itself to the infected Facebook member's contacts.

The latest attack Web address was '', while posing as a message from a friend urging them to "check this out" and including a link to a Web page that appears to be a Facebook log-in page. The attacks were stopped within a few hours in each case, said Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt. He said it was too early to say whether the attacks are related to the earlier - Wednesday's. "We are investigating," Schnitt said.

The company also alerts anti-fraud partner MarkMonitor, which passes the phishing URL on to the major browsers to block it and contacts ISPs to take the site down, according to Schnitt.

Users who think they have been affected by the scam should change their passwords and review their Facebook stream for any unauthorized changes.

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