Yahoo 'New Search Pad' Video Preview

Posted by Unknown | February 05, 2009 |

Video preview of its new Search Pad feature, posted late Tuesday evening - as at this date has generated over 7,403 Views. The video says Yahoo Search Pad simplifies planning and research and urges users to "Give it a try."

The Tool, automatically collects and saves information and links to sites as a user visits them. It appears on the upper-right hand corner of search results. Indicators such as time spent on a site and other search patterns help show whether a user is attempting to navigate a site, find specific information, or collect volumes of information on a single topic. The information is saved to users' Yahoo ID.

The application as a useful tool, allows users to take notes, mark pages and return to their notes and pages later. Users can remove and edit notes and other information, e-mail the information to other users, and print out their notes.

See Yahoo Help page devoted to the application for further explanations on how it works and also sample pages.